Variations Sauvages / Wild Harmonies

variations-sauvagesIn November 2003 Hélène Grimaud’s first book, “Variations Sauvages”, was released in French by the French publishing house, Robert Laffont. It has since been translated into English, (entitled “Wild Harmonies”, published in September 2006 by Riverhead / Penguin in the US), Japanese (published in February 2004 by Random House Kodansha), Dutch (entitled “Wildernis Sonata”, published in October 2004 by The House of Books) and German (entitled “Wolfsonate” published in February 2005 by Random House).

“Variations Sauvages” is in large part an autobiography. Hélène Grimaud talks about her life as a musician and about her environmental work with wolves. The book, however, offers more than pure life history. Grimaud recounts much about the difficulties of growing up, the pressures of being a musician and about finding a niche in life. She juxtaposes these with the history of wolves, drawing the reader in to a better understanding of this animal and how it has been wrongly persecuted by man over the centuries.