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Wolf Conservation Center

Established in 1999 by Hélène Grimaud the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY has earned recognition for its dedicated efforts towards promoting wolf advocacy and facilitating the reintroduction of the species in their natural habitat.


The WCC’s mission is to advance the survival of wolves by inspiring a global community through education, advocacy, research, and recovery.


The Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) participates in the federal Species Survival Plan (SSP) recovery programs for the Mexican gray wolf and the red wolf, two of the rarest mammals in North America. Both species at one time were completely extinct in the wild.


The Wolf Conservation Center is a popular destination that draws thousands of visitors annually for educational programs and events. It promotes wolf conservation, raises awareness about their role in the ecosystem and enables visitors to participate in guided tours and hands-on activities. The center is a valuable resource for conservationists, educators, researchers and animal lovers.

Learn more about the Wolf Conservation Center

Learn more about the Wolf Conservation Center and the organization’s efforts to restore essential balance in the ecosystem. Together we can make a difference and ensure a secure future for these magnificent creatures.

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