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Feature: Bachtrack

Almost a quarter-century ago, a set of photographs showing the pianist Hélène Grimaud cuddling wolves captured hearts and imaginations all over the world. The French musician had just co-founded the Wolf Conservation Center in upstate New York. Today she remains a prominent advocate for the animals, for their crucial environmental role and the importance of protecting them.

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Feature: Boston Globe (US)

For her two recitals in Boston and Groton, she’s taking a back-to-basics approach with what some call the three B’s of classical music: Bach, Beethoven, Brahms.

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Qobuz Magazine

Interview: Qobuz Magazine

Nouvel album, nouveau livre, concerts à foison, protection des animaux… Hélène Grimaud lève rarement le pied ! En 35 ans de carrière, elle a nourri son piano de ce foisonnement d’activités. Elle fait une pause pour Qobuz afin d’évoquer ce torrent créatif, son rapport au romantisme et à l’enregistrement en général.

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