Deutsche Welle (Germany), 11 May 2023

Video: Hélène Grimaud | A portrait of the esteemed concert pianist and devoted nature lover – Deutsche Welle

“Hélène Grimaud is truly captivating. For many years now, the French pianist has been wowing the classical world with her sensual, intense playing, as well as her unfaltering commitment to making the world a better place. Her broad musical repertoire encompasses not only the more recognizable piano works that allow pianists to demonstrate their brilliance on the world’s stages, but also includes contemporary pieces – such as those by Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov. In addition to music, the star pianist has a passion for wolves, which she wants to see saved from extinction. This portrait reveals Hélène Grimaud as a philosophical, contemplative artistic personality, who has uniquely harmonized her shared loves of music and nature – developing a deep sense of humanity in the process.”

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