Le Soir (Belgium), 24 October 2012


“Hallucinatory fantasies in Schumann’s Fantasiestücke, vibrant generosity Brahms’ in sonata op. 38, devastating impulses in Debussy and scathing irony in Shostakovich: the Argentinean cellist Sol Gabetta and Aix pianist Hélène Grimaud exemplify what Nietzsche called a “meeting of stars.” The beauty of these performances lies in the intensity of the way the performers respond so intensely to each other …”
Gabetta, Grimaud DuoFantasmes hallucinés des Fantasiestücke de Schumann, générosité vibrante de la sonate op. 38 de Brahms, pulsions ravageuses de celle de Debussy et ironie cinglante de celle de Chostakovitch : la violoncelliste argentine Sol Gabetta et la pianiste…

via Lesoir


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