am730 News (Hong Kong), 22 February 2013

Interview: am730 News Hong Kong

“Music that people make already exists in the natural world,” said Hélène Grimaud. Like an ambassador to this world, she uses her piano playing expertise and her music to connect people with nature and expose her audience to the deeper qualities of classical music.

(am特寫) 與狼共奏的保育樂章 專訪法國女鋼琴家Hélène Grimaud (海倫‧葛莉茉)自古以來,狼都蘊藏著一股神秘力量,更離不開妖道傳說。對香港人而言,聞「狼」色之餘,談起與「狼」共處,更是耍手擰頭。相對於港人的拒於千里,法國女鋼琴家Hélène Grimaud…

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