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Hauntingly beautiful

Hélène Grimaud performs in “tears become… streams become…” at the Park Avenue Armory through December 21; as an installation, the work can be seen during the day through January 4.

“Riveting… Ms. Grimaud, besides being an elegant pianist, is an artist game for adventure.” The New York Times

“Hauntingly beautiful” W Magazine

“Moments of pure wizardry” New York Magazine

“…breathtaking, thrilling, intoxicating in its audacity immersive is the current 2014 byword for all installations, but never has the word been so apt.”The Scotland Herald

“…extraordinary interior transformed and opened up like a book to reveal an entirely new world of imagination and reflection within. And as such, it succeeds marvelously. Gordon has created a magical space for a concert in which to lose oneself in revelry and association. .. Grimaud performed beautifully, finding deep and intelligent expression in the cascading impressionistic notes and unsettling tones of Takemitsu’s Rain Tree Sketch II – In Memoriam Olivier Messiaen and throwing out her right arm from her body and pulling in her left leg under the bench while muscularly poring over the keyboard for Albeniz’s Almeria from Iberia.”The New York Observer

“It’s possible Grimaud’s part of the collaboration might give the piece some of that hope for the human spirit art loves to provide. But to make this massive piece, to invent, support, refine, construct and present it, requires courage and a belief in art that is unmatched, even in New York. tears become… streams become…” is as grand as art gets, and as good, too.” – The Denver Post

“An arresting triumph of inspiration and execution.”The Gothamist