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DUO Review from (Germany) (Germany), 14 January 2013

This recording gave me “goosebumps” wrote Germany’s “The excellent combination of Hélène Grimaud and Gabetta is distinguished not only by technical and musical perfection. Rarely is a recording so invariably convincing from beginning to end as this one … Schumann, Brahms, Debussy and Shostakovich all require a lot of energy in their compositions, immense expressiveness and especially a precise interplay.” found Hélène Grimaud’s “unobtrusive dominance” perfect in terms of weight in the Brahms sonata and commented “The weight is different in Schumann’s three ‘Fantasiestücke’ where the pulsating moment permeates all three movements, combined with an impressive expressiveness”.” In the Debussy Sonata singled out “the close relationship between the two interpretive instrumental parts that are laid out so differently. The interpretation of the two musicians is extroverted, always easy” whilst the Shostakovich Sonata “gets under your skin” with its emotional, soulful “and at times shattering melodic lines and fragments that are a deeply moving listening experience.”