San Diego Story (US), 29 February 2020

Concert review: San Diego Story (US)

Pianist Hélène Grimaud Takes La Jolla Audience on a Profound, Thrilling Musical Journey

Why do we attend piano recitals? Many are drawn to behold a spectacular level of virtuosity on an instrument that provides unparalleled musical possibilities. If that is your aim, you might consider following the tours of the young Russian superstar Daniil Trifonov or perhaps the Chinese wonder Yuja Wang.


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LA Times (US), 27 February 2020

LA Times (US)

Commentary: Yuja Wang and Hélène Grimaud, two case studies in stardom

Although from different parts of the world, and of different generations, the exceptional pianists Yuja Wang and Hélène Grimaud, both extraordinary virtuosos who came to prominence at least in part through their appearance, gave remarkably similar mixed program recitals at Walt Disney Concert Hall a week apart that like reveal something about the artistic development of both.


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