NYC 89.9WKCR Radio (US), 17 April 2019

Radio interview: NYC 89.9WKCR Radio (US)

Pianist Hélène Grimaud recently released her Deutsche Grammophon album – Memory which explores the nature of recollection through a series of exquisite pianistic miniatures. A choice of repertoire embracing everything from impressionistic reveries by Chopin and Debussy to the timeless, folk-like melodies of Valentin Silvestrov.

Listen to the attached interview with NYC’s 89.9WKCR Radio host Simon Cohen.

Hélène Grimaud Interview by WKCR-FM

Interview with pianist Hélène Grimaud in advance of her upcoming performance at Carnegie Hall.

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Classical KUSC (US), 5 April 2019

Radio Interview: Classical KUSC (US)

The great French pianist Hélène Grimaud came by the KUSC Studios while she was in town for performances of Ravel’s G Major Concerto with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. She joined KUSC’s Jim Svejda to discussed some current and future projects, composers from Gershwin to Schubert, and her latest Deutsche Grammophon album, Memory.


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