Woodlands and Beyond… 2017/2018 tour

Don’t miss Hélène Grimaud’s collaboration with her creative and life partner Mat Hennek. This multimedia concert project, Woodlands and Beyond…, includes works by romantic and impressionist composers accompanied by Hennek’s photo series, Woodlands.

21.10.2017 Luzern
23.10.2017 Ludwigshafen
25.10.2017 Paris
03.03.2018 Munich
06.06.2018 Wuppertal
08.06.2018 Dresden

In Woodlands, Mat Hennek presents genuine portraits of trees, the results of numerous hikes through various forests in Europe and the USA. Hennek sets out to discover extraordinary places in remote and often difficult to access areas, traveling on the road beyond human civilization for days. He removes spatial landmarks, alternately erasing the ground and horizon to unhinged any sense of direction. Light and shadow, pattern and structure build up to an impressionistic hymn—infinite, without a center, without beginning or end.

Fine art photographer, Mat Hennek’s new art book was released by Steidl earlier this year and has received high praise from critics. His exhibition “Woodlands and Beyond…” featured at the Flo Peters Gallery in Hamburg throughout April and May, following the release of the book.

“Silence the woods? And the pictures speak for themselves? Anything that could distract has been omitted. By itself creates silence, and upload the images to linger. We do not know whether it is the structures that baffle you, or the tremendous variety of forms that are present in these patterns. Every tree, every leaf operates on its own, but everything adds up to a greater whole. The viewer’s gaze and mental attention oscillates between the individual and the whole to find a balance in the consistency of the pictorial compositions.”Journal21, Stephan Wehowsky

“I let my eyes wander over these very appealing photographs: they do not just like me, they attract me magically… For me, these are highly inspiring invitations to contemplation… I am amazed at the light and the overwhelming diversity of forms.” Across Cultures, Hans Durrer

“Now the most beautiful recordings of the “Woodlands” have appeared in a high-quality printed and equipped picture book. Also the book form allows the viewer’s eyes to sink deep into the forest. During the hours of preparation, Hennek carefully prepared and arranged the images, to give a profound sense of depth to the eye. The contrasting forests from Germany, Italy, Spain, the USA and other countries also makes it clear that a forest is not always a forest, but always a fascinating visual experience.” – Buchhandlung

“The German photographer Mat Hennek approaches the forest, he shows it as a formal work of art, goes deep into its depths, explores its essence – just as if he were looking for the forest’s soul. They are timeless pictures, which Hennek shows in this textless illustrated book, portraits that limit the forest to the essentials; to stems, branches, leaves; which pushes them out of reality. The viewer can be lost in these forests, can see beings stolen from fairy tales and legends, and guess the animals that roam these forests.” – Schweizerfamilie, Heinz Storrer

The New Yorker‘s article on Steidl also features photographs captured during the production of Hennek’s art book.

Visit www.mathennek.com/publications for more information on Woodlands.

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PERSPECTIVES / The Art of Hélène Grimaud

New album “Perspectives”


The word ‘perspective’ has a Latin root that means ‘to look through’. It is a word that readily applies to Hélène Grimaud’s way of making music and conceiving programs. She never plays a piece simply for the sake of playing it. She ‘looks through’ a composition, scrutinizing its components, its implications, its ambiguities, its position within that particular composer’s output, its commonalities with other like-minded works, and its tactile, spiritual and emotional resonances. For Grimaud, this collection is a retrospective offering new perspectives through a very personal choice of repertoire which creates enlightening new echoes between works. From Bach to Rachmaninov, Mozart to Chopin, Grimaud’s own selection of highlights from her albums reflects her artistic journey through the piano’s most famous solo and concerto repertoire in a series of interpretations that never fail to offer new perspectives on even the most familiar music – released April 7th!

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